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brain training for dogs
brain training for dogs

Brain Training For Dogs (BT4D) is the most popular online dog training course by CPDT-KA certified dog trainer, Adrienne Farricelli.
This dog training course contains PDfs, videos, blueprints, and everything you need to make your dog intelligent and smart. This dog training works on any breed.

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What is Brain Training For Dogs?

Brain Training for Dogs, aka Brain Training 4 dogs, is an online course for training your dogs to become more obedient. This course eliminates aggressive behavior and makes your pet more responsive to your commands with the appropriate mental stimulation and instruction.

This course also covers impulse control, hyperactivity, and excessive barking problems, among many others. It involves schooling your dog via a series of professionally prepared games for enhancing their obedience and behavior.

When dogs are bored, they tend to act out in common ways, ranging from anxiety to aggression. Brain training for dogs aims to keep your pet engaged with games, calming his mental and physical energy.

How does Brain Training For Dogs?

Adrienne Farricelli described this course as “developing your dog’s hidden brilliance. And the reason why this program is adequate is because of its force-free pattern and positive reinforcement; while searching for an answer online, we came across different programs that were established on punishment or teaching you how to overpower your dog. Of course, no one should go for it as we don’t have to be tough on our adorable pets, and those strategies aren’t effective anyway.

The idea of this program is that just like a human’s brain, a dog’s brain can continuously adapt and mould to learn new behavior. This program supplies the mental stimulation to expand the dog’s mind and boost development.

This science-based technique will help you create a strong bond between you and your pet. It uses a series of 21 fun games designed to engage your dog’s mind. And your dog will be happy to follow your command because of the powerful bond and trust between you two.

Customer Reviews of Brain Training For Dogs™?

Dr. Coates

“I spend hours and hours in the park with my dog Benny, and we did all things such as we went puppy socialising classes, follow-up classes, regular training classes, but Benny doesn’t like it and become much more aggressive towards other dogs, and he was not enjoying himself. IN UNDER A MONTH, when I joined Brain Training For Dogs, his behavior radically changed, and now I have a much stronger relationship with him.”

CARYL WOLFF – Dog Training/Behavior Consultant for 20+ Years


“Since using Brain Training for Dogs, my dogs are more excited to learn. They energetically want to participate and figure out what they require to do! It’s not about ‘commanding’ that they accomplish a behavior; it’s about getting the feeling. I love this technique for dog training, and my dogs do too!”

ROSEMARY D. – Dog Owner

brain training for dogs

After the first week of using this program, the most enjoyable thing was that I was with the dog at home, and when my friends came to meet me, my dog didn’t jump off. My whole family started thinking about how it would be fixed in a week. They don’t know I fixed it up, and it was gratifying.

DR. J COATES – Veterinary Advisor at

As part of a limited time offer, you will also receive this amazing bonus for FREE!

Behavior Training For Dogs


This free included bonus course covers some of the dogs’ most common behavior problems. In the exclusive bonus course, you will find out how to STOP these behaviors for good. You will learn:

  • How to stop whining associated with seeking attention, excitement, or anxiety.

Insider tricks on making a dog stop digging, barking, chewing, and jumping.

Advantages of this Course

Experienced Trainer
The trainer, Adrienne Farricelli, is a skilled CPDT-KA certified dog trainer. Through Brain Training for Dogs, she imparts her years of knowledge in dog training via guides and videos.

Easy to Follow
In this course, the dogs are trained by mental instigation. Therefore, another significant benefit of taking this course is its step-by-step instructions and unique training methodology that is very simple and easy to understand for your dogs.

Dog trainers are frequently very costly. One training session for a dog costs, on average, $140 nationwide. You receive the entire dog training method for the lowest possible price with this course, which is a huge benefit. So, in addition to getting to train your dog’s behaviour, it also has no negative financial effects.

Tons of Information
Through PDFs and videos, Adrienne Farricelli, the trainer, provides tons of content on dog training. She also clearly says and explains her techniques to control and train dogs.

Full Support
Another advantage to this course is that you get full support in the form of a dedicated help staff who are there for you every action of the way. They guide you through your problems and help you out whenever you get stuck or disorganised.

Bonus Course
When you think that this couldn’t get any better, we’re here to tell you there is a bonus to taking this course. Adrienne also gives you the “Behavior Training for Dogs” course worth $47 for free.

Training Your Dog by Yourself
Through this course, you get to train your dog! This helps you and your dog connect on an emotional level. It’s a great bonding activity and can help strengthen your friendship.

Money-Back Policy
Last but not least, Brain Training for Dogs has a 100% money-back policy wherein if you’re unhappy or unsatisfied with the course within 60 days of buying the course, you can get your full money back — no questions asked.

Money Back Guarantee


When you purchase Brain Training for Dogs, you get full, unlimited access to everything in the course to train your dog, but you also get a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you find a reason you feel Brain Training for Dogs is not working, simply send an email and you get your money back — no questions asked!

Brain Training 4 dogs
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What’s Inside Brain Training for Dogs™?

Brain Training For Dogs Module 1


Preschool is the course foundation designed to help your dog become obedient to every command. This module will show you and your dog:

  • Hold your dog’s attention and have more strong communication with your dog via eye contact.

How paying attention can be a source of reward.

Brain Training For Dogs Module 2


After basic training, you will train your dog to use its skills and senses to observe your commands. Some things included in this module include:

  • Help your dog get back to canine roots and forget boredom with the ‘treasure hunt game’.

Use ‘ball pit game’ and ‘the muffin game’ to enable your dog’s mind and drain your dog’s energy, making training more accessible.

Brain Training For Dogs Module 3


High School prepares your dog how to be patient and control urges using certain games:

  • ‘The bottle game’ will help deliver mental stimulation plus a small amount of training, so they behave adequately for you.
  • Inside ‘Jazz up and settle down, you will know how to get your dog calm after lengthy periods of activity.

‘Bobbing for treats’ will provide your dog with the excitement and reward he needs to act reasonably while helping to remove the fear of water.

Brain Training For Dogs Module 4


The College module is focused on supporting the dog, focusing on your commands and forming the dog’s physical motor skills. In College, you and your dog will get:‘The open sesame game’ for patience training, and ‘the shell game’ for mental skill, ‘the magic carpet game’ for talent and patience development.

Brain Training For Dogs Module 5


University is specifically designed to assist your dog’s intelligence and encourage patience. You and your dog will:

  • Stop unwanted barking and boost the dog’s confidence and learning ability.

Play the hide and seek game to help your dog bond and trust you and aid in anxiety.

Brain Training For Dogs Module 6


The dog will use Graduation to understand to finally obey your orders using their boosted motor skills and intelligence. Graduation includes teaching your dog:Advanced skills in movement following, leg-weaving, and name recognition.

Brain Training For Dogs Module 7


By now, your dog is considered at a ‘genius level’. This module is all about impressing others with your dog’s newfound capabilities, such as:

  • Cleaning up after playing, playing the piano, and stacking rings.

FAQ’s About Brain Training for Dogs™

Why Should I Trust Brain Training 4 Dogs?

Numerous reviews of brain training for dogs are available online. Every dog and puppy is distinctive in some manner. It would be beneficial if you looked for a review of brain training for dogs that was consistent with your own experience. You will understand that Brain Training 4 Dogs is the best option for your dog once you find a review on brain training for dogs.

Does it Work for Puppies?

Training a puppy is not easier. However, it is good to start your dogs’ training when they are a puppy. The dog training program will work whether you have a puppy, a single dog, or multiple dogs at your home.

Brain training 4 dogs have different games and items for dogs and puppies. With the help of these games and items, you can train your puppy at home.

How to Order?

You can go to the company’s sales page to purchase the brain training for dogs course. You have the option of ordering only one brain training for dogs course at a time or several for your friends and family. Your dog will benefit from brain training the most from it because it includes games. Your dog will be quite thrilled playing the games.

Trained Dog
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